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Sunday, March 29, 2009 @ 22:15

Wooo yday Wil, Vin , sis & mi when to har par villa for a stroll, Is damn hot out there. After tat we had our dinner & old airport rd. Cool they order damn lot of stuff.. .. Ehh after tat we went for movie @ bishan.. T.T We watch ' COMING SOON ' !! Over the whole show mi & my sis cover our eye, also gt scare till @@.. ..
呼吸一口 不为你活的呼吸 为自己而呼吸为自己而心跳为自己而快乐和伤心,不再改变那些为你改变的个性,不再忍耐那些长久忍耐的心情,虽然心还疼痛地,回忆最初的场景一开始你 就准备好..
Today in game, i duno i log in right or wrong time, saw thing tat hurt mi again.. Heart start to ache again.. Well im too silly & stupit.. Duno wat i'm thinking.. .. A person really can forget another person so fast ma?? Who knws?? Hw long i need to suffer than? ? ?

Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 23:14

She walks to school with the lunch she packed. Nobody knows what she's holdin' back.Wearin the same dress she wore yesterday.She hides the bruises with linen and lace.The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask.Its hard to see the pain behind the mask.Bearing the burden of a secret storm.Sometimes she wishes she was never born.Through the wind and the rain.She stands hard as a stone.In a world that she can't rise above.But her dreams give her wingsAnd she flies to a place where she's loved.Concrete angel.Somebody cries in the middle of the night.The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights.A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate.When morning comes it'll be too late. Through the wind and the rain.She stands hard as a stone.In a world that she can't rise above.But her dreams give her wings.And she flies to a place where she's loved.Concrete angel.A statue stands in a shaded place.An angel girl with an upturned face.A name is written on a polished rock.A broken heart that the world forgot.Through the wind and the rain.She stands hard as a stone.In a world that she can't rise above.But her dreams give her wings.And she flies to a place where she's loved. Concrete angel !
- O.o tue rain was super big, even hide in Bus.stop also can kana rain @@ Hair wet even jean also! Back to office, under aircon sneez lik.. .. .. =.= I rmb there thsi sentence it go lik, " I like to walk under the rain, cos nobody will saw my tear !! Pass few wk lei.. Is it over? Still in pain ? /slap myself.. .Time to wake up n move on !! Life still go on..

Monday, March 23, 2009 @ 22:45
`心痛`心动 - Miss again

When Heaven has closed all the doors, there'll always be a window opened for u.. I knw if i insist i'll able to find the window ! If 1 day u found out u had a serious illness will u tell ur love one? Or will u leave him/her? Life is too short, gods can give u life, they can also tk it away/back ! Nothing really can last 4ever, or like i say 4ever can last hw long? Yr? Mth ? or..... If u goin to die & only had a chance to make 1 last call & 1min, who will u call & wat will u say ??
Dunno why i been tinkin wat as he doin? I also dun wana lie to myself, I do miss him.. I so stupi Y wana think of him.. I really cant find any reason.. My kor do blog cos of his Ex.. Well mi? No need to ask.. Cos of.. ..? I duno as well. Sometime i also duno wat i really wan.. Ppl say i too trust other ppl tat y my r.s all have problem is tat so? Love is to trust right? ? Am i wrong... Whenever i on msn, I see * Online or juz sign it It still hurt my heart.. I knw is Past & i own self also give up. But Y still so pain.. Time is the best to cure righ? Tat wat ppl always say to me.. But i really tired lei. Night i cant sleep well Cos my pillow is too wet.. I love walking in rain cos no one can see mi crying!!
Watashiwa Kokoro hontoni Itai.. Anata wa genki desu ka?

Sunday, March 22, 2009 @ 22:42
`Memory is the most Beautiful thing

This hotel is 1st time i go KL find Kor(U kwn who u r *) stay wan.. Tat time i sit R car ! & also 1st time i knw him. Is a very nice Hotel.. Anyway it over between us.. But memory still there. Is sweet when think back.. Rmb he use to call mi "XiaoMeiMei" . Eh either i small size or i younger than him ! ^^ Whos knw i nv ask either.. Rmb he say he buy mi volka cos i like.. Guess we no chance to finish tat bottle. Rmb tat he buy me Cig, I still keep the box.. U believe? U all can say mi stupi or blind he treat mi like tat i still like him, Cos like a person had no wrong.. Over all we r diff world people.. I had a question i really wan to ask but i knw e ans also.. > Have u even love/like me b4? < 当你离我远去的时侯,我很害怕,我以为我不会在乎,但流下的眼泪却骗不了自己!我是一棵树立路旁的树,千年守望着孤独。只为有一天,你会走过我跟前,能看一看我布满沧桑的脸!想念变成怀念心动变成心碎 Honto ni Aitai... ... Ima wa doko desu ka ?
Izit Too Emo make my make-up werid?? Wooo yday plan to go Powerhouse but when reach ther alrd 12am @@ Alrd pack lik ... ... We reach home 5 alrd.. I Hmm Time pass fast dont u all think so? In my memory had him hw abou him?? I juz think too much... 盼望你出现。星星知道我的心,愿你过得更开心

Friday, March 20, 2009 @ 23:18

當你愛上一個人而不被對方所愛,是一件很傷害的事。但最痛苦的莫過你愛一個人而卻沒有勇氣讓他知道你的感受。最好的朋友是那一種能夠讓你坐在鞦韆上,不發一言,然後靜靜地一起離開,感覺就是從未有過最好的對話。這是真實的 ~~ 你永不知道你得到了什麼直至你失去了的時候;而更加真實的是你永不會知道自己失去了什麼直到得到的時候。 要遇上一個人只要用一分鐘的時間,要喜歡上一個人只要一句話的時間;要愛上一個人只要用一天的時間,但要忘記一個人卻要用一生的時間。 為自己的夢想而去想,到自己想到的地方,做自己想做的事,因為你只有一次的人生及一次機會去做這全部的事。嘗試把自己放在對方的立場,當你感覺受到傷害時,很有可能他也在是被傷害。 最快樂的人並沒有需要擁有世上所有最好的事,而只需要令到大部份的事能沿著自己的人生而來。人生中一件傷心的事是當你遇見一個對你充滿意義的人,但你卻在最後才發現. 一句不小心的說話會令一場罵戰展開,一句殘酷的句子會摧毀你一生,一句話愛的句子卻會是無限的喜悅和祝福。愛由一個笑容開始,用一個吻來成長,用一滴眼淚來結束..
你终于说出口,其实你早就已经不爱我, 我还能做什么? 你已经不爱我,我一直都爱着你难道这还不够,我还要做什么?你才不离开我,我知道你已无心再继续看着我一心想离开我.
我终于也说出口,其实很爱你 但从没认真说过..或许是我的错多在乎你却只放在心中! 不想看你那么累多希望再给我机会颤抖着我的手握住的只是风.
别人的幸福何必要模仿,心不在何苦留躯壳在身旁加满自由我要无重量飞翔就算以分离收场..放了爱 为了爱 这不是我 想要的生活放了爱 你会明白 有种拥有 叫作放手放了爱 我放了爱..
Cos too love i choose to let go.. It tk 1min to like a person, 1hr to fall in love but a whole life to 4get !! This man in my is the first to hurt mi so fast but i never regret thk to him i learn alot of ting & i grew up.. Human r funny, Mostly will wait until lose then u realise hw care & hw love !!
I do love Killer.. ..
I copy this froma fren it very meaningfull >>
每個女孩都是天使的化身...當她愛上一個男孩時..會為了那個男孩而折斷翅膀隆臨這世界~~所以請不要傷害那個愛你的女孩...因為 ‥ 她已經沒有翅膀飛回原來的天堂了~~

Sunday, March 15, 2009 @ 20:27
`~ Outting & Clubby ~

Wooo i had a nice wk end. after work meet my sis out for lunch & shopping @ bugis. The weather is damn hot. Hmm we had "Saus&mash" & "Seafood Pasta" for lunch.. Is nice cos im hungry :P. Clubby @ Dlb O .... We went there with Vin.. ^^ tats very happening night.Those Group of ang mo we also duno them. They been there 3rd time & is was mine first time ** shy** !! Can see that we r drunk in next pic ?? Roasted dragon & roasted Mice !! Oh ya i rmb tat dance floor super smky till nearly cant see ppl !! Can see tat i wear the same dress as my sis ???? SEXY BABE^^ Her la nt mi!! 2 roasted.. .. appear !! Eh i look weird @@ ...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 @ 23:39

曾经的曾经,总以为情只要付出真心就可以。到最后却换来一种让人说不出是什么感觉的心痛! 对于爱情!我沉默…! 这游戏玩起来太累、太累,我玩不起,也不敢再玩! 爱情就像吸烟! 一旦上瘾了, 就认定了它, 就爱上了它! 无论你怎么甩都甩不掉! 只能够为它默默付出…! 沙士比亚曾说过:“爱情是幸福的,然后是痛苦的。” 我非常支持这世界文豪所说的哲理。 在这爱情游戏里,得到害往往多过于欢乐。 既然这游戏这么伤人,为什么还有那么多人去玩呢? 只为了得到那么一点点欢乐吗?爱了就要在一起, 这就是爱?在一起久了, 就有了感情?这 ?就是爱情吗?爱情既然那么伤?为什么还有那么要去爱?一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳! 一次的失败让我变得如此怯懦! 一次的失败让我改变了对爱情的观点! 一次的失败让我对真爱失去了信任! 这一切一切! 我迷惘…! 爱情?真心? 是否存在? 这一切一切! 我不懂… 你们懂吗?爱情真的能够长久吗? 很多情侣都会对对方说:“我永远爱你!” 这个所谓的“永远”是多久呢? 一个礼拜? 一个月? 一年? 还是…? ………
>该走了,该放了,所有的所有的一切该忘了,就像蝴蝶飞不过沧海,没有人忍心去责怪< 明明很爱,却没有勇气让你知道,宁愿默默地爱着,直到,直到你投入别人的怀抱!.
The furthest distance in the world Is not between life and death But when I stand in front of you Yet you don’t know that I love you The furthest distance in the world Is not when i stand in font of you Yet you can’t see my love But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both Yet cannot Be togehter The furthest distance in the world Is not being apart while being in love But when plainly can not resist the yearning Yet pretending You have never been in my heart .The furthest distance in the world Is not But using one’s indifferent heart To dig an uncrossable river For the one who loves you.

Monday, March 9, 2009 @ 22:53

SAT NIGHT --- Happy hour @ china town pub.. Ermmm i think name'' chat-box'' ^^ Tat was a powerful night cos i n my sis laugh until stomach pain cos of some joke. Anyway is good for mi to laugh better than i cry right.. Hmmm do we look alike?? Gt ppl say we look ABIT like.. ** RUN

Sunday, March 8, 2009 @ 14:53
`Goodbye & Thk !!

为什么,那么的相信 让我 无穷无尽的心碎,那么的付出 给我 伤心欲绝悲痛滋味,那么的坦白 无法 阻止我脑袋记忆...
. He say i dun undertstand him, No point together ! Cos he dun even give mi a chance to undertstand.. 2mth can dun meet, Contact - less contact - No contact ! Meet - Less meet -No meet !! I try & try but yet im fail.. Action alrd tell mi everything.. I shall go on my life & no think of him anymore. Thk to him i learn to protect myself. Thk to him i fear of love. I do believe in True Love but thk to him i knw it diff to find. 爱你的人和你爱的人wat would u choose? 也许放手我会比较好过。。 但痛一然在!!


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