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Tuesday, April 20, 2010 @ 14:58
`Skin Care O.o

Last week went to collect Ring then walk pass John Little.. It havin 20% discoun, juz happen to walk pass SEBAMED O.o Ohhhhhh they sellin baby use wan as well as adult use wan ^^ Haha then i see see look look decide to buy this cleansing Foam . At 1st i nt use to it cos is foam mostly i use is cream type .. Foam i nv use b4 .. So try lo.. Hmm use abou 2 days alrd. So far So good la.. Lolx stil cant decide weather is a good produc to me anot.. We shall see after 1 mth mayb ^^ ..
Hmmm my & my sis try out this mask we found tat nt bad.. is a Banana Mask lolx Sold @ Imm juz opp Giant a shop call Credit .. I think stil having promotion 3 for $ 10 if nt wrong.. It fit well to face n smell nt tat bad la. Haha.. Mostly me & my sis will put in fridge for about 5-10min then apply on face.. If i wana apply mask tat day i will put in fridge after i bath out juz nice the mask is alrd cooling ^^ SAve my time wor.. i 4get wher i hear this as ppl say tat if u apply mask or wat better apply on fri cos sat no work so no need make up or wat, Can let skin rest .. So fri apply is the best ..
O.o Garnier Mask i never try b4 duno weather is good anot.. mayb can try out.. My sis juz bought 2 i think = = . HAiz nw due to pregg pigmentation come out make mi so sianz lo.. Go out check up or wat alrd apply Sun block but lik no use.. T.T Sad la... Those whitening produc from store duno really can cure anot.. Juz lighten it i also happy ^^ !!
Ok nw is waiting for my Big Big day lei... 3 wk like tat ^^ .. Next wk gt to faster prepare catering lei if nt all go there nothing to eat .. .. Some more need go see bed , dressing table etc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BUSY !! RUSH !!

Friday, April 16, 2010 @ 13:59
`Ting For My Little Prince

Above item come in package which i Bought @ Taka Fair . Both Sterilz & Food warmer have 1 yr warranty ^^ Then Milk bottle they come with S size & M size .. For the cleanser come with a bottle + refill + small bottle .

Last week went to kidd palac , the sale girl intro pureen dry 5 for newborn say tat wun leak easily. While try out then knw lolx so Darlee bough 2 nigh use & 1 day use Then yday also went giant bough 2 nigh 1 days too = = so nw i gt 4 Nigh use & 2 Days use hmmm day use wan can miz with cloth wan cos i gt buy also ^^ Plus the nappy liners sale girl say nt bad then ok lo BUY !

Yw intro mi SEBAMED baby bath .. she say is good for baby. She herself is using for her kids too ^^ so buy from kidd .. Promotion pack ! Inside have Baby bath, rash cream, baby lotion & facial cream .. Ok next eh deterge is bough from giant de, the auntie say nt bad then e smell also nice on promotion 9.90 then darlee say ok Then BUY !!

Hmm this clip on fan bough @ Giant . I wan to clip on stroller / cot wan.. Hmm stroller alrd bought but too heavy in store room so nv took pic haha. When it time then i will tk n post .. Is a 2 in 1 stroller bought @ kidd . It useful cos can change to rock chair But juz heavy lo.. Nvm also nt i carry haha !! Oophsss !!

Handerchie I only buy 2 desig .. Each design gt 2 only ^^ Cute lei.. The Swaddler is use to wrap him when goin home tat time.. Then after tat i can use as his blanket ^^ wahahah Darlee say i crazy = = Hmm then we also bough some mitten set which one cuter?? Sure say the mouse wan right?? Darlee choose wan lo.. Wana get tiger but dun have only have lion but nt nice, Rabbit wan nt bad but pink colour sia .. .. Mitten i think enough alrd ba ?? Cos i gt plain mitten as well.. Design wan only 2 nice keekee... Hmmm ok last ... CLOTHES .. Finally rompers ^^ Total 6 rompers & 1 set of shirt n pant Hmmm enough?? I nt sure lei Mayb no ba .. cos they drink milk mayb dirty it . Hmm nvm get some more auntie can alrd Or online see Heehee Which 1 cuter?? I myself like the Cat wan.. 0-3mth rompers .. ... @ taka fair i saw gt 1 MooMoo de nice gt long pant n short but like no size = = Wasted lei... End of April gt bb fair @ expo thinkin wana go anot lei.. = = Very far sia... Darlee sure say dun wan de.. Y cos far lo.. Haiz .. .. Wuuuuuuuuuuu first time i blog till so long haha But very enjoy .. All for my Prince ^^ Counting down nw ^^ !!

Thursday, April 8, 2010 @ 17:56

Anmum powder which i gt from clinic.. It come with 2 favour but both i haven try .. Duno weather nice anot.. Hmmm Over all thing alrd plan & settle half .. Soon need to purchase stroller bb cot n diaper hmmm I guess afte june i will be busy.. Duno have time blog anot haha .. May 12 is My big days i had invite fren to join party hmmm duno they comin anot.. Anyway i will update here la.. But Mr lee n mi nv invit relative cos though wana wait till baby shower then invite will save ba.. Haiz afte 2 wk gt to check up again.. Doc say nw every 2-3 wk gt to see him then see about 4-5 more time can liao ^^ Soon can see my baobei laio .. So nw can rest faster enjoy lo.. Wa but nw i slp also uncomfortab lei.. Tummy so tigh then sometime cant even breath = = Hmm then yday i cough till duno lik wat, is dry cough lo then morning wake up damn like lost voice like tat.. Lucky mummy give mi cough med .... hmmm thinkin wan to wear wat on may 12 lei.. .. Rent lei or buy = = Headache

Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 20:58
`Rushin Out of Time = ="

O.o hmm is good fri then also go meet Y.w for her celebration of bday .. Hmmm we went town area cos she herself book a room @ Swissotel .. Waaaa saw her 4 kids .. Playful sia the 2 big wan.. If mi i duno hw man.. Then Yw also make Mr Lee carry her youngest Son ( 3 mth only ). SO CUTE man ^^ Hope my XB cute cute too.. Eh pic so blur.. Mr lee dun wana carry then wan put down .. ..
Haiz nw ah many thing need to do sia.. Thinkin wher to book if invite the ppl out then bb cot also haven buy then also thinkin wher should i do my comfinement Haiz .. .. If Mr lee hus i nt sure to it lei.. Then if bath or wat also mafan.. Even throw diapers also need go outside.. If my hus @ least more easy for mi .. Mummy can help look after then i rest .. His hus i duno his mum need work anot.. Then i duno his mum will cook wat .. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa headacha la.. If my hus stupi Lee i think dun wan de lo... Then apply for new HDB flat also need wait.. Nw BP also no new flat gt is also 2nd hand de.. But Wher dig out so many cash sia = =
Then if new flat also need buy furniture n also revonation lei.. OMG Y all thing last min de.. Then Then hw .. ..

Thursday, April 1, 2010 @ 18:17

Yawnsss juz wake up from a nap. So refresh nw ^^ . Open door for Mr lee, he working night shift today Hmm Aiya i 4get to tk XB clothes again = = Think nvm ba.. Wait for all the stuff reach lei then take photo.. Last wk went fair to buy bottle all those .. Hmm spend about $250 haha lucky can delivery to house lo.. they will send to me on 6th juz nice Mr lee Off Hmmm then 7th gt to go check up.. Last check up doc say everything seem fine so no worry.. But but but my weight still same nv reach 40kg oophsss.. Med finish soon gt to gt a new pack again.. Eat till i scare sia..
Hmmm vitasoy nice haha...Dun feel like drinking plain water but still must force myself drink abit.. Ahhh but i cannot drink too much of red date tea .. Heaty ah my eye swllon nw Sianz .. Last time infection after operation doc say MAY come back.. Diao ..... really come back lo.. Bad doc... Haiz..

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