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Monday, August 30, 2010 @ 22:32
`Baby Aaven talking to Mummy


Nw aday Baby Aaven love to talk haha .. Yday nigh while his dad busy playin his Ps3 then i play with Aaven lo.. I talk to him then he repl mi haha very cute so i video it down ... Day by Day he grow .. The feeling really nth to say .. ALso no words can decribe .. Rmb tat time when i knw i preggy i so scay then follow by go scanning then 2nd trim start mornin sickness till 3rd trim go for C-sec .. When on operation bed scare , worry ... Keep telling Daddy Lee wait for mi then also Tok pic of Newborn aaven lolx.. Then confinement till Aaven 1 mth ............ Wa nw Aaven goin 3mth alrd... Time really pass very fast .. Even very tired alrd then stil wana pat aaven to slp then u watch his sleepin face it very sweet ... Hw i wish i cn hear he call MA MA ^.^

Love my Little Aaven Lee

Sunday, August 29, 2010 @ 18:45
`Heading Back Home

Today im goin back to my house as it SUN ^^ Awake by little Aaven again at about 8AM+ But i give him milk after tat pat him to slp again ... 10Am+ he wake mi up again ... ... This time i lie awhile then wake up bath him ... He look so happy lo Whenevr he wake up...

Here go my Little Handsome Aaven with his new clothes tat i bough from taka fair lolx... He look so nice on brigh blue .. .. After bath lie stil gt tat blur face lei .. hahazz .. After tat out him on rock chair then i go throw his diaper , clean his bath tub , Bring clothes out to hang dry as the sun is brigh ... Then i notice he biting his mitten .. .. Guess he wana suck his finger .. Same as newborn time .. Always Suck finger lolx.. Then i make him milk after i busy with those thing ...

Having his nap in yaolan afetr milk lolx.. Though of goin back around 12+ But it raining ... No choice gt to wait till it stop .. I think about 130Pm it getting smaller so i go prepare myself .. **Aaven stil slping hahazz .. Hmmm i prepare his milk bottle . water , diaper etc then i wake him up ... Change his diaper feed him bit water then i went out .. .. 1wk i went back once or twice so mostly i choose 12+ cos my mum work till 1PM back ma.. She cn see her grandson then my dad sun also nv work juz nice.. Soemtime i when back on tue cos my mum off day keekee ... I pass Aaven to her then i cna go out ... She say i very clever haha !! Hmmm My mum say tat Aaven look more like his dad laio then my daddy say tat aaven look abit diff .. Haha Aaven every day changing .. .. Temper stil same ... Gt to teach liao...

I went back dar lee pace about 5pm .. Carry aaven back.. He look here & there so cute lo.. ..He nt ligh wor .. Yday nigh gt weigh him hmmm about 5kg + abit lei.. Very fast lo.. Nw 2mth + coming 3mth only .. #mth gt to tk pic & post again lei.. See any diff ^^ I myself loose weigh ver fast .. back to 34Kg + liao.. Wun ver 35 KG again Haha .. Unless pregg again.. But wait next 2yr lo.. ^^

Saturday, August 28, 2010 @ 20:16
`Installing YaoLan

Afternoon start to arrange thing / Packing / Mopping /Cleaning ... 1st daddy lee keep Aaven playpen then move to IL room as our room duno wana put wher.. Then start to move his Tv as well then small cardboard , Oh ya most imporant is my Dressing table lo haha.. With out the playpen i feel so weird same as daddy lee haha he say like very empty .. But it look more bigger lo the room.. The as for aaven he also can nap longer .. Is much better for mi too cos i can rest ma Haha ...
Notice anything ?? From above pic ??? Haha !! Aaven alrd inside YaoLan havign his nap lei..

Standing very Corner to tk this pic haha or els cannot se the whole view .. .. Tired lo changing the bedsheet cos the blanket very heavy = =

Tata here the tv tat Daddy lee bough .. Then 2 level he put his ps3

Eh this pic lei... Is standing @ corner where i place dressing table there ...

As for this pic lei.. I duno y i took this pic & i duno y i post haha.. ok anyway for the room wan i finish posting ^^ B4 i went plaza Aaven was havin nap in YaoLan but when i back alrd 7+ he was awake lo.. I guess he nap about 2 hr Heehee alrd very good lei ..

Oh ya i went libary to borrow a book regarding about Baby Sleep .. It say tat 0-6wk of baby need 14-16 hr of slp.. Then 6-16 need 14-16hr .. 4-6mth need 14-15 hr .. 6-12 mth need 13-14 hr . Lastly 12-24mth need 12-13 hr .. Hmmm i think i gt to finish the book see wat it say tat i can post again haha.. S0 next time if i havin a baby again i can read no need borrow again hahaz !! Okok time for mi to rest .. Muackkkkk

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 @ 19:22
`Its NEW

Aaven new set of clothes lolx CUTE izit hahaz this i aso bough at bugis tat day with my sis i nv post on last blogger .. Hmm I let him wear at home during day time.. Haha the 1st pic cute hor heehee MIL say look like Jap ppl O.o ..
Spot wat ?? TV ? PS3 ? Haiz Tv i forget when buy de .. Then PS3 is yday buy wan .. After praying with in law then he drag mi go town area.. Say wana go Fareast there see .. Then after check the price then buy alrd lo.. Controller , Game , Ps3 total spend $600 sharp ... Faint laio la.. $600 can buy hw many milk powder for Aaven as well as diaper lo.. New clothes as well .. ... Anyhw spend.. Nw milk powder & diaper also goin to finish lei Then need to stock up ..
Here go his Ps3 as well as the 3 game he bough .. .. Happily went back to my hus after tat cos mornin i put aaven at my hus ... Hmmm then evening we went back home after bath & rest he start to set up his PS3 lei .. ... Very soon he start to play laio .. I guess he next off day sure play til very late de lo.. OH ya & i think he will buy game as well .. Ahhhh i forget ... AFternoon b4 goin to town we aso go OCBC open CDA for Aaven .. Then i think End of yr juz nice he 6mth then start to open another saving acc for him lei. So 1 day put $2 or wat then after 1mth brin to bank ^^
Nw i juz hope can find a part time job or either a full time but near wan.. Aaven daddy liek tat anyhw spend i think milk powder or wat also a problem.. Some more my HP bill haven pay yet ... SobSob .. Aso lucky tat after aaven born alrd he nv go drink with his fren liao.. I mean pub... I also dun allow.. Waste $ open bottle then aso nt good for health.. As his pattern if drink till high or can say mayb abit high only also wun go bath de. Juz lie on bed.. But Aaven slp with us ma.. So i CFM dun allow him to go de.. Waaaa blog till my neck ache liao ...

Sunday, August 22, 2010 @ 19:15

Duno wat wrong with aaven early mornin near 5am wake up wan milk then i feed him after tat pat him to slp then 8am + make noise liao = = Gosh !!! Feed him milk pat him to slp.. Then 9am + cry again OMG i duno wat he wan lei... Then Daddy Lee go living room slp cos aaven keep cry lo.. Swaddle him awhile he ok when i sit on bed then he waaaaa again .. .. Make mi must either stand up pat him / rock him or carry him & walk around .. .. Headache lo.. Then he slp back .. .. Guess wat 10am + wake up again .. .. SAD !! I super tired laio lo wat to do. Then i prepare his clothes & bath him lo.. See tell him pom pom then he so happy !
Tata Bath finish quicky wipe him up , cover with towel & faster took this pic haha .. See he so happy lo.. juz tell him Nw xiang xiang laio lo he smile alrd hahaz .. ..
Bath finish i put him in rocking chair .. .. Then give him gripe water .. Awhile later i pat him to slp after tat i wash up his clothes.. .. Oh ya yday daddy lee went Taka fair with his team ppl then ask him to buy pillow cos tat day we went nv saw nice wan & also suit him wan , So tell daddy lee to check out weather have anot...
This suit Daddy Lee bough for little lee wan lolx .. Cute lei.. Is for 3-6mth wan , i haven wash it ... lolx Stil gt the cap so cute lo.. Wash laio then if wana brin him out can let him wear .. Waaaa Aaven gt so many new clothes to wear sia.. Hmmm but when he bigger canot wear alrd.. then must keep laio Or pass down to other baby .. Hmmm the pillow i aso haven wash..

heehee pillow cute hor.. .. wash alrd then let him use .. .. Little Aaven hor nw more n more naughty wor.. Wana play alot.. Then nap always very little .. .. He wan attention sia .. .. ... i tink gt to train him slp in his playpen laio.. . If nt next time wana slp with mi = =

Saturday, August 21, 2010 @ 21:20
`Taka Fair 2010

Yday Wake up in mornin , Bath Aaven then prepare milk for him .. As is raining So give him wear long pant . Then after milk i also go prepare myself, same as daddy lee .. ... Here we go to Taka Fair ^^ . . Aaven slp in pram while we waiting for Cabby ... The cap too big for him alrd , so weird while he wear it lolx .. Hmmm reach Taka fair there nothign much lei.. Same as last yr wan.. We juz bough wet tissue, comb, bath spong, 2 set cloth, baby powder, blanket ... Then spend about $70 lo.. .. Few ting then alrd over $50 lei... Baby item really nt cheap lei.. .. Hmm ppl say let baby wear those old wear / ppl wear before wan is better .. .. I let aaven wear @ home only haha.. When i brin him out i give him wear nicer or new cloth .. .. Baby clothes is so cute lo.. Cant stop myself nt to buy. ... I guess most mummy same as mi ^^

After paying $$ , daddy lee wan to eat Ajisen but aaven make noise .. So we look for nursing room & chang his diaper ... i aso make milk for him since ther hot water .. B4 we reach Ajisen he was alrd fall aslp .... so nv feed him milk but lucky i make quite hot .. so i order mine lo... Juz finish order hen aso haven start to eat he wake up alrd.... omg less than 10min lei .... wat to do see daddy lee eat lo then i feed aaven milk lo... next time i shall eat 1st ... when daddy lee finish eating then he pat aaven to slp lo... Is stil warm when i start to eat lolx so hungry lo tat time ... When eating can hear aaven make noise lo... Duno is daddy lee hug til he uncomfortab or wat .. .. so i faster eat then carry him over lo.. ..

After tat we went to tk cabby back ... Hmm reach home about 5pm+ lo.. Aaven only nap about 15min on pram from aijisen out to taxi stand only.. Then in cabby he wake up lei.. Haiz headach... then back home he dun wana nap laio .. .. Then FIL play with him lo.. Hmm i repack thing & wash up his clothes lo..Then nw lei.. i blogging can tk up to 30min to1hr lo..Knw y ? Cos Little Aaven dun wan slp lo.. Since mornin wake mi up then bath him feed him he nap about 1hr then wake up alrd.. then afternoon also nap 30min - 45min wake up .. .. Juz nw evening i think less than 30min wor.. Haiz duno y he dun wan slp.. nt tired meh .. Then juz finish pattin him to slp lo.. Later 12am+ gt to change his diaper & also feed milk... Nw jzu let him slp well ^^

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 @ 23:14
`Aaven new clothes

Jus finish patting Aaven to slp .. .. Wish him have a sweet dream ! Hmmm Duno y nw aday difficult to make him fall aslp.. He slp laio then awhile wake up make mi very tired lo & cant even do my thing .. Haiz !! Yday went bugis with my sis .. Left aaven with my mum haha cos tue she off ma... We go pray 1st then go walk.. Pass by a push cart then saw this suit very cute so i bough lol..

The orange wan is i bough @ bugis i found it cute lol my sis choose wan . Then the blue is from Giant .. So cute lo .. Imagin Aaven wear alrd sure damn kawaii de hahaz !

Both can wear outdoor .. But i think need wait aaven 6mth above then can wear .. Oh rmb my sis aso bough something lik tat wan but yellow in colour & is a bear design .. Can keep for CNY wear lo.. So hope he be a good baby nw..

** Being a mummy nt easy lo .. Morning wake up bath him then feed him milk or gripe water then pat him to slp if dun wan slp then play with him... Then i can go wash up n eat my thing if he zzzz . Mostly 2hr+ he wake up lo.. Give him water then play with him or let him sit/lie on rocker chair .. When he make noise then feed him milk ... Ahhhhh i gt come across when no one at home then little aaven haven slp somemore stomach pain ... .... Ahhhhh no choice .. Guess wat ... ENDURE LO .. Many place cannot go... If wan brin him must brin diaper / milk ... Rmb last few wk hubby & mi brin aaven to IMM walk then hubby wan eat sushi so we go eat .. My order turn cold lei then i can eat lo ... Cos hubby start to eat 1st .. Little aaven make noise when i put him in pram haiz so i carry lo til hubby finish his duno wat curry rice .. .. Then i can eat mine .. Sad case lei.. But when Aaven bigger lei i think more headach laio haha many thing to worry & i think sure more busy then nw .. Need busy work then also house thing then aaven ting as well .. .. Hohohozzzzz So being a mummy really nt easy .. So nw i knw laio..

妈咪谢谢你。。 世上最伟大的就是妈妈 !!

Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 20:24
`Tired mummy

Early morning Baby Aaven wake mi up .. @ there keep making noise . I think tat time about 9+ then i give him pacifier then i back to rest .. Stil cannot in end i wake up lo.. Then i bath him ..
Juz finish bath him .. Then can play alrd lo.. Oh this clothes i think soon cannot wear alrd.. But he look cute when wearing this ^^
Giving him Gripe-water about 30-40ML then he fnish it ^^ I carry him to drink then i aso tak his pic.. After tat pat him awhile he fall aslp alrd.. Nw his 2mth arld as needed to give him 150ML of milk but somtime i give him 120ML he also cant finish it .. Haiz werid baby hehez Mostly nw every 3hr+ stil need to feed him lo. But some time @ nigh i 12+ feed alrd then he can slp till mornin 6am+ but sometime 4am wan milk alrd.. Is depend on him .. Hmmm Baby Aaven sometime drink milk keep PUSH then some time will vomit lo .. Can PUSH till whole face very red lo.. Then will cry sometime..
Baby Aaven holding mummy Hand ^^ .. Nw he only 2mth big then stil gt few more mth to go to reach 6mth. Thinkin tat next yr then find a job but duno wana get full or part time lei.. Haiz nw waiting for BTO ans duno can get anot.. If can then 1 person salary wher gt enough de .. But if work full time then Aaven hw?? But i wana look after him myself lei.. Care centre i worry .. Headache ahhhhhh

Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 15:28
`Aaven was 2mth big

Hmmm time pass very fast .. Yday Aaven was 2mth big .. But his pattern stil same lo.. Big temper hahaz Duno izit tat time when i preggy then keep angry tat his temper ike tat or wat haha. Anyway my temper aso big .. .. But can control those type la.. Baby Aaven when bigger time to teach him lo.. ..

Keekee nt easy to make him smile / laugh wan wor... while making him smile / laugh i took e digicam stand by laio hahaz .. So cute lei..

Lolx His face round lei.. Then i notice tat he gt 酒窝 ! Left side bottom

Here go my cute little Aaven pic hahaz.. Hmm wonder hw he look like when he was 3mth .. I shall post again .. ..

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