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Saturday, May 28, 2011 @ 09:05
`Birthday Shoes

Buy New shoes for Aaven Birthday .. Is order from online.. Then try on his feet OMG Cant fit in ... 120 the size i buy but .. .... .... cant fit haha gt to give away alrd.. Then Thursday after work went to JP kiddy buy for him another pair of shoes.. Here i post it..

Cute little shoes for Aaven Lee... Is 16.90 on offer nw after 15% discoun is about 14 like tat lo.. storewide on JP kiddy ... Member than 20% .. Good deal right... Soft prewalker shoes... But Aaven dun like lei.. Let him try on the same night i bought he make noise wan take off like tat lolx.. He dun like hat as well Aiyo..... Nw damn naughty lo.. 3 more day will go to senja community centre celebrate his birthday... A resturant .. The crab is nice.. Butter crab.. See able to snap a few pic of the dishes anot.. Mayb tat time busy eating or feeding..
Now he clever alrd... in Yaolan can sit up lei.. If below no mattress or no ppl around he sure move move till drop down wan.. Is night time alrd.. Yet dun wan slp.. Stil play play . Net Yaolan is good for him y cos move cooling & he wun sweat ... Somehw the cloth wan is damn hot .. no wind go thru.. Morning or mid night he sure sweat wan..

Little few snap of him b4 i pat & swing him to slp..Then i went to slp.. so damn tired that ppl at home slpin I at office blogging.. werid lei.. wat a sat man.. Early mornin 4am Aaven eee Aaaaahhhh there place pacifer in his mouth then see wat time Gosh 4am .... went back slp again.. Then 5+ he make noise again.. recently was like tat.. makin mi tired man.. Lag of slp.. 610am sudden no electric ... juz electric... Light stil have... Fan was stop i though spoil but lucky no... + aaven make noise there gt to rush to make milk then tell MR lee faster go bath.... Haiz reach office 710am.. No ppl only mi.. Haha slowly had my breakfast & coffee.. Yummy... Nice tuna spread from phlilpinesssss which will tell Anie & Shirley to buy for mi when they go Lucky Plaza End of the Month.. Is really nice,,, Sweet sour taste Waaaa !!

Thursday, May 26, 2011 @ 14:59
`Gift From Sis In Law

Which Is cuter ?? Pooh bear ride or mickey mouse wan?? It car & Plane ...
Choose the Pooh wan for Aaven.. It a birthday Gift from Sis In law... Which Bought a week ago LOLx no time update so drag till now..
It come with music.. damn noisy wan lolx... He knw Hw to press then keep press the button Aiyo... Somehw the handle behind is too short .. For mi push him around stil ok haha If taller Like Mr Lee OMG backache lo.... But he dun like to sit like tat.. awhile then come down laio... startin he love it.. Cos newly to him lolx ... He play n play nw lei touch awhile then dun care it laio.. Poor Plane..
Come take a look @ little Aaven on the ride ... 1st day he ok with it... Stil can touch touch de turnin fan.. But is safe.. There have light some more... It on offer $69.00 .. Cheap ?? Ehhhh okok la.. If mi i think i wun buy for him.. Cos he play awhile dun wan alrd so is like waste ?? He nw lik to step on the pooh bear plane wing ... If nv hold on to him sure knock his head wan = = Som more is wheel lei... Haiz ....
My little Cute Aaven turnin 1 soon.. Yday after work went to BPP order cake for him... Went four leave ^^ Order Mango tropica wan... Nice cos try it b4 .. I order 15 X 15 wan... enough for 7-8 of us ba... Anyone sure will left some de.. Aaven Love to smell his pillow when he had His Pacifer on he sure will carry the pillow & smell wan.. then throw aside laio hahazzzz Guess wat Pillow & pacifer which he will choose ?? Make a Guess !! Gosh most Boring ting is gt to do Duty on Comin Sat ... Damn Sianz wan... Anyway plan to go buy shoes for Aaven later @ Jurong Poin Kiddy if nt then sat go see laio.. For his Birthday wan.. I online Gmart order wan alrd come.. But is nt fit.. Shoes i order too small alrd.. Haiz those clothes i order also come... Hmm gt 1 set is too dark alrd... Blk Mix with grey.. Somehw OLD ppl dun like.. He look cute on it ^^ gt a little BOW on the clothes .. Will post when he wear on his birthday.. Gt to finish my work b4 goin home ... Gt to End my blog here ....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 @ 13:12
`人 。。 爱。。。 生活

1.沒有一百分的另一半 只有五十分的兩個人

2.付出真心 才會得到真心 卻也可能傷得徹底 保持距離 就能保護自己 卻也註定永遠寂寞

3.通常願意留下來跟你爭吵的人 才是真正愛你的人
4.有時候 不是對方不在乎你 而是你把對方看得太重
5.冷漠 有時候並不是無情 只是一種避免被傷害的工具
6.如果我們之間有 1000 步的距離 你只要跨出第1步 我就會朝你的方向走其餘的 999 步
7.為你的難過而快樂的 是敵人 為你的快樂而快樂的 是朋友 為你的難過而難過的 就是那些 該放進心裡的人

8.就算是 believe 中間也藏了一個 lie

9.真正的好朋友 並不是在一起就有聊不完的話題 而是在一起 就算不說話 也不會感到尷尬

10.朋友就是被你看透了 還能喜歡你的人

不要花時間在一個不會花時間在你身上的人。回想一前, 有很多不 开心的恋情。。 可是都以过去。

现在我有老公和孩子陪伴。。。 时间一眨眼就过去了。 齐乐都要一岁咯!! 在工作时有不开心的事回家看到我的小不点,什么都值得。。
真正朋友: 有幾多人有八位真正的朋友?



人生说长不长,说短也不短。。 看了很多很有意义的email 之后领悟了很多东西。。。
Life is short.. Today duno tomo thing ... we gt to treasure wat is infront of us... Life / relationship & many more.... Lately news show earth quac from other country .. Like Japan... Taiwan other many country ... Saw a news this morning.. From malaysia.. This father who rushin down for a funernal ... Forgotten tat his 3 year old girl was sleeping behind the back seat .... He reach the place juz get off lock de door N off engine.. The 3 year old girl was suffer from Heat-stro .... He rmb after 1hr .. Rushin to his car he saw the cry crying & sweating all over... Poor Little girl... She pass away when otw to clinic ... No air + the weather super hot ... How can a adult forget tat the kids is behind the seat or something.... Duno wat is on their mind... Haiz ...

So now i treasure every min & second with Little Aaven & Hubb .... Every Week End we sure went out... Is a family day ... Even Nearby also ok with it.. CCK / IMM / West Mall Or J.P !!

Friday, May 20, 2011 @ 15:03
`Casual Fri Lei ...

My Job experience?? Sale / Admin / coordintor .. Of cos recept as well.. Nw in new company so far so good.. I have 5 boss then ppl here all quite good & friendly as long do my job cn laio.. Hmmm 3rd floor every day gt to climb up lei.. Super tired lolx. I been in New company for 2mth alrd... Catch up thing nt very fast but stil ok cos i had recept experience... Hmmm nw aday purchasing dep keep pass mi paper work to do.. In those key in to software... OMG tat time i very fast help her finsh alrd.. But nw slowly ba... I super lazy alrd.. somehw is fri ^^ Relax abit la..
Table full of her document to key.. Sob .. But i relax nw Blogging HaHaz... Shhhhh !! Hey here some of my self-snap shoot ... Take a peep...
Snap from Iphone.. So pic nt tat clear izit.... My new spec i do it last mth.. ^^ Wear the 2nd to office alrd... Mostly i wear on Mon & fri Let my eye rest ^^
Fri .. Uniform Day .. All staff gt to wear uniform to work... It white mix wit orange colour.. & a P3 Logo ^^ DO i look werid on Spec ??? No fake lashes on .. Juz Spec for fri casual Day .. I love the new lens i bought from J,P Mrt there is cost mi $28 is a monthly lens... That time i gt a grey wan.. This time is a brown wan.. Juz wear yday... make eye look bigger lolx.. Enlarge.. My Moo Moo cup from hubb.. But alrd crack lei.. Cos make of plastic then when mornin i drink coffee i pour hot water ma.. T.T See the crack with coffee stain hahazzz .. I stil dun wana change .. lazy go buy Hahazzzz ... drinkin My coffee while blogging.. Hearing the thunder BOM....... goin to rain again.. Sianzzz no driver dun tell mi gt to sit LORRY again lo.. T.T i dun wan ... Too short cannot climb up & duno hw to climb down .. ...
Yday Little Aaven knw hw to walk a little step lei.. Time so fast 1wk+ goin to celebrate his birthday lei.. Duno when he will knw how to walk lo.. Then wana hear he call mi Mummy also ^^ When i hug him tell him kiss kiss he will move his mouth over lo.. SO damn Cute.. Love him so much.... Think better dun over dote if nt very diff to tell him wat is wrong wat is right... 3 more yr my hus ready can move over lei.. Then 7-7 in child care.. Learn study play ^^ !!! Im getting Old lei...
Planning for a SHEEP Baby GIRL ... Can i ??

Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 13:47
`⊹⊱✿Aaven & the Ride ⊹⊱✿

After breadfast On Sun go walk around on of the under block shop.. forget where laio.. I nv go notice where FIL driv too.. Saw the Ride throw in 20Cent.. Let him play there... He love & enjoy it ^^
Hehe The bicycle ride he cannot.. cos he duno hw to support .. Slowly ba.. Cos nw he can stand up but stil duno hw to walk only.. Haiz if he knw hw to walk Aiyo headache laio lo Sure run here n there wan then if taller abit this pull tat pull liao lo.. @@ Faint laio tat time.. In end decide to go CC eat for his birthday ^^ I think also will cost about 150-200 wan.. Ok la Then + cake i wana put his photo on it then cute lei ^^ Hmm if nt then normal wan lo.. Ehhhh MIL wan buy him clothes then i was like thinkin hmmm duno wan choose him hw many set lei.. I wan buy those suit wan which I saw on facebook ppl sellin & Gmart also.. ^^ I ber he sure look cute On it.. But of cos SHOES i buy him myself ^^ Soft wan for prewalker de... ^^ 3 June 2011 celebrate so about 3mth to go.. Tomo must buy the shoes liao ..

Thursday, May 12, 2011 @ 23:07
`囍 Happy ❤ 1 Year ❤ Anniversary 囍

Happy Anniversary to Me & Daddy Lee.. Woke Up same time feed Little Aaven , Bath him .. He went Market With MIL then i went back slp half an Hour then prepare to bath , make up Pretty Pretty go out lolx. Jus the 2 of Us ..
My new dress.. Which i bough for quite some time but nv wear cos Is tube type then carry Aaven cannot wear .. Nw is the chance heehee... Lace lace flower... I like..
We went Bugis eat our lunch.. Sakae Sushi Then went Watch movie.. Supe long time nv watch alrd.. I think 1 yr since Give birth then no time lo.. Hmmm We nv tk photo.. Haha cos no time as well.. too hungry alrd.. Hmmm after movie i think 5pm+ near 6 lo.. Then dinner time again haha we went town for dinner . Took MRT from bugis till somerset .. Though of wana go cousin shop but when reach 313@somerset too big duno hw to walk = = Haha then we went taka Seoul garden for dinner... Each person $30 then eat till full lolx The chicken Daddy Lee like But i Love the beef.. He stop eating alrd i stil BBQ the beef Hahazz
After tat about 730Pm we go back home lo.. tat end out Anniversary day ^^ Ok la Simple easy.. Aiyo He hor wana buy gucci shoes @ 1st then change ipad 2. Haha But no stock.. Duno he wana buy anot.. if so I Out $300 Then the rest he pay . When we reach home AavenLee nt around.. He went Shoppin @ Lot 1 as well lolx.. Back abou 830pm like tat .. Play with him 1hr + then let him slp lo.. Im goin to bed after this as well.. Hey... Memory photo which i nv update .. was in H.K When Aaven was 3mth In my tummy Haha which I duno..
Haha 1st Yr Anniversary nv tk photo so post Last yr photo 1st Heehee... a memory to mi lo... Last yr many problem happen Then settle alrd give birth alrd then Nw even Aaven coming 1 year old lei.. Time is fast sometime.. Happy time alrd flies Fast.. That wat we expect ^^
I miss the day we @ H.K ^^ WHen Aaven 2 yr old or 3 then Flat $ settle Then mayb go Taiwan.. Is more cheaper then HK... Kiong My fren spend $1.5 + hotel & flight Of cos & eat as well.. Is cheap.. H.K i think $1.5 nt enough lo... Total we spend About 3k Hahazz faintz Hor .. So faster 3yr leiiii Haven go Honeymoon lei & wedding photo also haven Shoot lei.. T.T

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