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Friday, July 29, 2011 @ 10:25

3 item which i ask for sample at website http://www.thesamplestore.sg/ . Shampoo + condition / toothpaste & Moisturiz .. all 3 are little small sample.... It free but of cos gt to pay for the shipping cost ehhh i pay $3 .. Abit nt worth it .. But if u ask for more sample mayb it worth it..
Ichikami Shampoo... From the sample store i see review , ppl feedback that is not bad. really silky & soft after using it.. So i ask for sample.. Hope it smell nice too.
Toothpaste ... TV show b4 wan.. Night use it then next morning will'nt need to cover ur mouth if u r talking without brushin teeth ... Hmmm duno true anot... Little small tube lo.. mayb use 2 day finish laio...
Garnier cream ... reduce spot & whiten skin .. A sample as well... or can say it a tester ?? Nice smell... If found nt bad can buy big tube n use... As olay use alrd sometime abit oily then face gt 油泡 .. Nt nice lei.... CUCCIO body cream... Very nice smell cream .. this little cream i use $$ buy wan is nt a sample or tester ... Last time bought 3 big round tub for $55 like tat then can use super long ... But nw nv work at suyuri laio then rita also no lobang so try find online lo.. FOUND but 1 tub cost about $32 like tat .. Not worth it to buy but happen to saw the litle tube wan haha 4 in a pack for $13.20 like tat ... Ok can buy !! Total 3 favour only Milk + honey , Papaya + Guava & Tuscan Citrus Herb .. All smell is nice .. Not oily or sticky like other body cream .. http://www.urbannailbeauty.com/

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 @ 15:09
`FEVER ~``~``~``~~~~````

Monday in office sudden feel not righ.. Throat damn itch n feel so tired.. After 1 hour later realise myself having high fever 39.4 deg ... Faster inform HR & head to Juron point see doc... Back to my hus about 10.30Am .. After med faster slp then keep slping till 5.30pm wake up.. Dun feel hungry & also dun feel like eating .. Rest awhile then 630pm Back to Hubb place ... Then yesterday Morning fever nt yet down then Took unpaid leave... About 12.30Pm back to mummy place & slp till afternoon ... Hmmm i think about 4Pm + i wake up then eat bread bath already then went to greenridge shoppin mall buy diaper for Aaven... So worry is dengue fever... Cos fever , flu n cough attack same time ... Haiz ...
From Dryper weewee dry to Mamy Poko... #13.90 - $19 +++ See the price diff ... But i bought tat for night use wan,,, Hmmm wana buy him other brand which i cant rmb the name laio... Is super thin n with looney pic on it... I rmb is $18++ really super damn thin n very good to use... Shop N save no more alrd... then NTUC i dun think have ... while mayb gt to check Giant laio...
Yesterday try the new diaper mamy poko on him duno gt any wee leak out not .. cos when i wear for him since tat he butt is abit small then if wear too tight i scare he uncomfortable... If everything ok mayb can use mamypoko for night time lo.... 1Mth 1 pack like tat ma.. So far ok la.. Day time wan mayb stil stick to the yellow pack of mamy poko lo.. Which cost mi $13.90 without Offer ... Huggies cannot fit him cos cutting very small... other brand like Petpet / Fitti all i nv try b4 ... Also dun wish to try hahazzz Hmmm House stil gt a pakc of pureen L size wan lo... Too big for him already... Guess about 2 year old gt to teach him potty liao... If nt $$ all go to diaper also waste lei....

Sunday, July 24, 2011 @ 21:30
`Another Injection

Sat morning ... Bath wash up clean then prepare to go back my HUS... Give him biscuit to chew while i chnage my clothes & pack his stuff .... When we were at the clinic there he was so active ... Run to doc door there knock knock aiyooooo naughty... When come to his turn ... weigh him ... Hmmm gain weight alrd .. 9KG ... waaaaaaa When doc inject down he cry like duno wat hahazzz ... then doc also gt mention tat mayb will have fever.. But fri night already make the duno wat chinese herbal drink for him to drink abit lei... My Mummy say b4 inject drink abit is good... Let try then,,, So far ok lo...
Finish Injection , brin him to find mummy awhile then walk pass a shop saw the little flat .. Tell Bro buy him 1 .. $0.60 ^^ Swing here n there while i give him ... Look so happy ... Also went to guardian buy Aloe Vera Gel for bro... For his face ... While Bro in law also using & feedback frm MIL is good.. So tell bro buy & try it...
Make him to slp after back from Fajar ... Can see his blood thru the plaster wor ... Hmmm about 1.15pm he auto wake up liao.. Nap only 1hour ... Aiyo... Messy hair he gt after his nap...
I so love the way he smell his pillow... Haha very cute... He love to BITE as well... But also duno Y he bite it ... Hahazzz SO cute lie there smell ...

Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 10:00
`Brush Brush Brush His teeth

Baby first teeth toothpaste & Kodomo toothbrush yesterday went Shop & save & Guardian Bought for Aaven... Time to teach him n train him to brusg his little teeth .. MIL dun wan do in morning or i will do it @ night when goin to bed... 13mth start to learn nt young lo... Slowly by there he will brush daily b4 he went bed ma... Toothpaste able to swallow down.. As is apple & banana Favour..
As from the pic u see.. It come with the GEL form ... I myself taste it.. It taste like sweet lolx ... Aaven Love it when i apply bit on his toothbrush N start brushing for him ... Every day use to have clean nice teeth ^^ Coming 14mth toddler alrd.. Many thing he should start to knw ... Nt yet really Call MUMMY Haiz... mayb 15-16mth ??? Hope so ba...
Brush brush brush ~~~~~~~~~~ Brush his little tooth

Monday, July 18, 2011 @ 09:09
`Baby Macaroni

Sat Duty .... Wake up early abit cos goin NTUC buy some coffee/potatoes Chip .. Last week already craving for it .. But im nt pregg !!
While i working see this little cute boy playing Toy Gun ...
12.30Pm Head to BPP buy Gong Cha for Mr lee .... Hmm the Q was quite ok... less than 15min i gt my order... Famous GongCha with alot favour i order oolong / Melon & green tea. .. Was so blur .. cos 1st time order ... Sugar Level also can choose from 0% / 30% / 50% / 70% Or If u wan die early can go for 90-100% lo.. I choose 30% wan ...
Mr Lee choose Oolong Tea .. I pass 1 Green-tea to Jenny Goh, My company HR .. Then i myself take Melon wan... Hmmm Nice.. Drink till below Abit Sweet laio. Duno izit i nv stir properly ... Overall Ok lo.. $2.80 If nt wrong..

Rose which giving by some girl at BPP ... It a a sales of Condo at this Segar Road ..

Let Little Lee hOld on awhile.. He seem like it ... Reach home i think about 2pm lo.. After change Mattress Then as well as Curtian ... Nice neat room again .. If nt damn messy lo... MIL goin out then Mr lee working Night-shift so im goin back my hus... Same every week..

Bought Baby Macaroni for Aaven ... It smaller then normal wan... Suitable for toddles ...First time cooking so i really duno hw to make the sauce ... Creamy i duno he like anot.. With soup plain plain i dun think he will love to eat.... Haiz juz try n see hw ba.. Cos day day Porridge also Sianz alrd...
Boil Macaroni then cool in cold water then i cook the mince meat .. Then i juz steam the fish tat mum prepare for out dinner.. I added some of the fish & the sauce ... Smell nice...
I think cook too much... Or not nice?? Aaven eat till half dun wan alrd... Eat alrd spits out.. Then 1 by 1 slowly put back mouth again ... Can Faint lo.. I find i nt bad . Next time try chicken Soup Mix Macaroni for him See hw was it ....
Little Blur Aaven .... Oh My iphone Home button this time really dead laio.. Haiz .... GO Fajar there ask repair they say the techinican nt in SG so wait for 1 week .. Gosh .... Then go to greenridge they say Techincal nv work on Sun so im goin repair today After work.. They say wait for 30min On spot can repair laio.. Juz nice lo.. Go Shop & Save walk then guardian walk awhile can go collect my Phone liao.. Stil under warranty but if go down 1 - 1 exchange i worry other problem as well.. Then They them repair must go till PS lei.. I where gt time de.. No choice then i choose to Pay & repair.. Is under Mr Lee Name.. He sure dun go down repair or change for mi wan la.. Lazy Bum lai de... Haiz repair laio Claim from Him can lei... I guess about $50 laio lo.. T.T Hope everything will be fine lo... Drop too much or wat lei if nt hw come Cannot press... Damn damn....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 @ 15:32
`:( Fever

Last 2 day Aaven was bite by duno wat insect on his little feet when he was walking under block .. @ first was nothing.. MIL apply oil / cream on it then cool down abit.. Nigh when i after work i saw it stil red red ... Yesterday After work back home bath & eat then about 745pm brin him to greenridge Shoppin centre Health Spring Clinic for a check.. Then notice he fever .. DUno is teething or The wound cause it ... Doc give Med to apply & also fever med ..
Doc giv him a carfield sticker as well.. He so happy keep Take n shake here n there. But on the way back already he drop = = ... Mornin b4 i go work i touch his head stil abit fever lai tat then Juz nw call back & check on him. MIL say tat Morning 7am + is 35deg ++ then after his nap 1pm+ become 37deg aiyo.... Tonigh i gt to check again see how already.. if not tomo abit late go work ... Next week injection duno will have fever anot laio Haiz ....

Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 08:52
`◕‿- FaMilY oUTTiNg CCk ◕‿-

11 July 2011 Nice date ... Hmmm So shag.. Yday night Duno y little Aaven keep turn around then make noise. Place pacifer back to his mouth already still need swing awhile . 2am Like tat cannot tahan alrd go make 3oZ of milk give him.. After tat he fall back slp again .. I think about 545 come again OMG .. So shaggggg lei.. 610am i go bath after back to room saw Little Aaven lying on bed.. I ask Hubb y carry him out hubb told mi he sit up so he move him to back.. Ahhhh place him back yaolan feed him milk then faster change clothes & prepare myself for work.. After finish his milk then pat & swing him ... I gt scare by him while folding his clothes he sit up again Aiyoooo Im goin to work soon so place him down again then tell MIL tat later go swing & pat him.. Tat was 645AM .. I no sure he gt slp back anot !! Naughty Little Ones .. Saturday finally had out Family outting @ CCK .. I think 1-2Mth+ nv had outting already..
Nice Polo Tee & short for Little Aaven.. & also wearing Shoes tat neighbour pass to us loing ago.. Juz nice fitting only.. Prepare ourself then goin CCK .. Give mi a Bitter face when say byebye to him..
Nv push Pram... We juz carry Aaven Take Stuff & go to my hus & put first cos goin to stay over @ my mum place.. While waiting for the lift place him down .. He start to walk here n there laio.. Weeeee head to CCK lo !!! Went to Sakae Sushi for our lunch ... Yummy.. Then we went to Kiddy palace buy shoes for Aaven.. Barney shoes from Kiddy Palace .. Cost Daddy Lee about $20++ ^^ Nice soft sole ... Light & easy for him to walk as well.. Bought bigger abit for him so can wear longer ^^ Size 22 !!
Back to my Mum place.. then Hubb go back home.. Time for little Aaven go Nap liao.. .. Yesterday Sun SMS daddy Lee tell him come pick us.. Cos No pram diff to carry thing & carry Little Aaven..

Evening time went to Greenridge Shopping centre with FIL & Little Aaven.. Buy dinner & also shop for diaper & Mr lee Tibit.. So happen when he saw the little game for kid. Take the hammer & hit hit.. SO cute lei... My son grow up lei ^^ !!!

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