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Saturday, September 17, 2011 @ 08:19
`♬♪ 2 Day 1 Night - Palau Ubin Trip ♩♫♪♭(1)

Thurday 14th sep, Morning Bath Aaven then let him wear sleeveless after that we prepare ourself & start to pack thing. Milk bottle , diaper etccccc all dump in 1 bag of his.. Then follow by Darlee & my thing.... Around 1110Am we start to go out.. Walk to BPP meet candy & wj follow by our breakfast @ KOPITIAM !! Then we took a cab down to Changi village ferry departure there.. Aaven was so cute when on the Little bumboat !! At first i though he will make noise Or scare but he sit still on my lap & watch the waves !! It so hot when we reach there... Took a Van-Taxi to out resort. Celestial Resort !!
Room 208 Is Our room Then 210 Is candy & wj wan.. Is juz next to us only ^^ Check in about Near 3pm then everyone had a quick bath ... little Aaven bath alrd dun wana wear clothes here run there run. See his little post next to the bed so cute lolx... Hmmm !!!
Here is the overall view of the resort room, Bathroom with SHOWER not bathtub. The room backdoor so call balcony Lolx can Smoke there but i think no one will open the door in night time.. Day time i open Mosquito FLY in lo. The little fridge which had 2 bottle of plain water only.. & lastly double-bed !! Big enough for 3 of us ^^. Finish bathing then we walk down the road to the ferry there RENT bicycle .
The road from Celestial resort down to ferry there is about 2.2km !!! We WALK down, is damn tiring. As when i carry Aaven then tat the worst thing... He fall aslp when i carry lo... my neck pain Hand tired ... But we gt take turn to carry.. Mi then darlee then Wj lolx ^^ When we reach the rent bicycle there he wake Up lei ^^.
Very cute when he sit on the bicycle ... we took a couple seat cum child seat..
Darlee try but stil dare not cycle Aaven so Wj will take aaven with them well Mi & darlee behind them ^^ Ride till butt pain but is fun ^^ Aaven enjoy too. At first he scare & yell when he cant see us.. I think ride till half we change.. Become Darlee ride with Aaven & me.. He hold on to the handler so cute huh, Sometime Hold on to my clothes... He even fall aslp on the bicycle.. Lolx

Celestial Jetty .. Is very near to the reception area.. Nice view as well. But if we took a boat / ferry from here guess wat it cost us $100 lo.. Faint Man... First day we ride till about 6pm + then go back cos the road no light then is dangerous as well. Oh ya The bicycle price is less than $18 .. Our with child seat is $16 for 1 day then wj n Candy couple wan is $14 for 1 day.. Return next day 12pm! We meet about 7pm had our dinner @ the resturant there... Forget wat name alrd.. Anyway there only 1 resturant.. Walk across the little beach wit alot alot of fishhhhheeessss ! We order Promotion Crab , lemon chicken , Baby Kailan , 铁板豆腐 & also Kalamari !! Each of us too hungry alrd.. Total we order 7 plates of rice lolx Wj & Darlee both of them had 2 plates each then mi & candy 1.5 Plates ^^ !! Then i feed Aaven as well.. Guess he is hungry too... The crab Sauces was nice.. Is nt spicy yet is SING CRAB lolx.. Then scenery was nice from the resturant view..

* Pix of food will update later when Candy Tag mi *

The view i took from the resturant.. Is very nice quiet & relaxing.. Once in a while come stil ok... But..... MOSQUITO damn lot... I worry about the small one only..
After dinner back to room to rest... Aaven busy playing with the Baby Cot & enjoying his biscuit... Night we rent monopoly game to room & play.. Aaven was nt slp... Or i can say alrd slp But i wake him up for milk About 9+ then We start playin the game.... Till about 11pm.. Is was tired Hahazzzz Make aaven slp in Pram cos can rock ^^ Then shift him to bed cos scare mid night he sit up nobody notice... So my suprise he slp till very nice & sweet, i guess mornin too tired already tat Y.. I also fall aslp after awhile... But i did wake up & check on him.. Very early mornign of 7am he wake up lei.. OMG i cant slp already lolx .. 715am like tat feed him milk then 740like tat we 2 go bath lei.. Is so cold in the morning yet my aircon was 25Deg ~~~~~ !!!!!! 8am Morning call to candy then we meet about 845am for our breakfast ... Hmmmmmmmmmmm No good .... Juz 2 slice of bread with 3-4 small hotdog , red beans , ham & cheese !! No full Man ... Then same thing go back room rest haha then i think about 9am ++ Or near 10 like tat then we conti cycling . This time we go another way..
We push up the rock road as is dangerous if we cycle ... Hmmm & also 1 thing.. Aaven slp again when we cycle lolx... He is tired .... We reach a place after very long walk ... Hmmm Duno wat wetland... the place there is very nice .. But Mosquito alot... Aaven gt 4-5 bite but 2 is the worth wan.. is damn Big.

This place is not the wetland is juz a place tat near beach lolx... Very relaxing But hot weather... gt to go thru woods to reach!!! Mosquito everywhere man.... The mosquiot patch no use .. Stick on Aaven stl kana bite of wear long pant i think he sweat lei... When the plane passby Aaven pointed So cute .... He love waves i notice tat.. When we walking on the bridge he saw waves hit on the big rock he also point to it... ^^ !! We gt to check out at 1230Pm so After a round walk we go back lo.. Again we go another way round.. But this time is more easy.. Can cycle No need push Or either walk lolxx !! Very fast we reach the Jetty there & return Out bicycle & then took a taxivan Up to our resort.. 3 of us had a quick Bath then check out !!

Candy they all gt the voucher of free fish spa so my & darlee buy 2 of it about $8 1/2 hour ,, Hmm 1 hour is better cos is only $10!!! The fish is damn big hahazz scary man But very nice !!!
Big fish lolx At first we so scare to put down. Or when see the big fish come my leg come up Hahazz !! But bear it then use to it alrd hahazzzz Aaven so cute Saw us put our leg in he aso wan took off his shoes & place his leg in.

PLace my hand in too.. Haha at first no fish come wan... But wait few sec come laio.. is Itch but feel good Haha !!! Gt whole body fish spa as well But dare not try . Hmmm we take ferrt back about 3Pm then Had our lunch @ changi Village Market.. On way back home Aaven so noisy. I cant even rest Sign.. Tat mummy life lolx.. But when reaching Soon he fall aslp Aiyoooo always like tat... He slp from 4pm++ to about near 630Pm i wake him up.. tat time was very cranky !! Not enough slp i guess Cos for the day, overall he slp about 2 Hour like tat only... MIL wan carry him but he dun wan same as FIL.. Hmmmm then she nt happy lo give tat face again... Goshhhhh . Old fork Tales ~~~~~~~ She use Duno wat pray water & wipe Aaven body & Brin him goddess statue there & pray !! Ok nvm, believe better than No ... Then they brin Aaven to Greenridge & buy dinner... Aaven very stick to mi these few day.. When he say mi keep wan mi carry & dun wan other.. Mayb except Bro In law.. @ Night after feed milk also follow mi to kitchen wash milk bottle I go in toilet also wan follow mi.. Gt to trick him on other thing Like Keys / Toys / Biscuit Or wat .. Feed him porridge MUST sit on my leg then he eat .. Haha !!! Duno y recently Stick mi.. Feel good But tired lo.. When he dun wan Other to carry then i cant do my thing.. Eat & bath also diff lo...

Planning next trip BATAM !! Then THAILAND or HONG KONG ^^ Best is TAIWAN ...

PS: More pix will be upload on next blog On Part 2 when Candy Upload & Tag mi ^^ Stay Tune

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