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Sunday, September 25, 2011 @ 13:57

Glitter Graphics - http://www.sparklee.com

Myspace Text - http://www.sparklee.com

Beautee Product as wat i was talking about in my previous blog.. Hmmm i recently receive my order & i try out over the weekend.. Is kind of nice ^^ Above is the product which i bought from Seller Leshia.. Here im goin to post those item i bought & im keen to purchase as well.. Follow by little tips which Leshia teach mi . Of cos i wont be selfish, i will share to other ^^ Here we go

Blinking Text Live - http://www.blinkingtextlive.com

Germany Beautee Ampoules , which i keen to purchase, Those ppl who try b4 mayb can drop mi a comment on how was it ^^. There many diff type but following are the few i will wish to purchase & try
  • Firming Ampoules - Solution for wrinkles, Lifting & firming effect for matured skin
  • Collagen Ampoules -For premake up & ensure ur skin project radiance (Ideal solution for photo shooting & )
  • Open Pores Ampoules - Minimize open pores as well as oil control
  • Vitamin C Ampoules - For Anti Oxidant & radiance glow
  • Whitening Ampoules - Whitening effect for dark & tan skin

Blinking Text - http://www.blinkingtextlive.com

Cold Crean & Max Fruit Cleaser Both i was keen.. Leshia send mi both sample & i already try out. Later on will talk about hw the product works on my face .

C0ld cream cleanser is special cooling sensation cleanser that can thoroughly clean skin & Penetrates skin to soften dead cell & black heads. It also help to smooth uncomfortable skin condition & reduce excessive sebum on skin. It can use as a mask as well

Max fruit cleanser is my fav lolx. Cos is help to lighening face & age spot. It also help to remove make-up & leave ur skin clean & fresh

Blinking Text Generator - http://www.blinkingtextlive.com

Sun protector with SPF25 sound nice to mi, cos provide complete skin protection from sunlight of UVA & UVB . Moisturizer, smoother & calm down skin.

Beautee Make up remover, it alcohol & acetone free & it help to remove all im purities & make Up^^ When mine finish I sure will purchase this.I think most woman/ladies know that make up remove with alcohol is harmfull to face! This beautee remove contain aloe vera extract, cucumber fruit extract & rose water Etc..

Glitter Text - http://www.glittertextlive.com

Here is my order.. It arrive on Fri afternoon.. All item pack neatly nicely in smartpac. And also a paper bags for us to carry out thing back... Lolx It nt make of Paper is those water proof type ^^ Is nice... I like it..

  1. 24k Mask
  2. 24K gold serum
  3. Gold peeling face scrub
  4. Max fruit & Toner Sample
  5. Cold cream, red wine mask, collagen Mask & smoothing Gel Mask

Glitter Text Words - http://www.glittertextlive.com

24k gold serum.. 1 box 10 bottle of 2ml.. Very small cute bottle bring miracle to ur face. Pure gold help to restore collagen, assist in protection against pollution effect & damaging UV rays, Aso help to increase blood circulation. It contain Epidermal growth factor or EGF. Very good for anti-aging skin. As well as normal & dry Skin ! How to apply?? Stay Tune !

Glitter Text Words - http://www.glittertextlive.com

This gold peeling scrub is my fav.. Is better then Bio-ess WHY ? As for bio, i need to rub a few time then will notice/realise the dead skin come off.. But Gold Peel scrub jus 1-2 time u can see the dead skin came off.. Is wonderfull... And YES it contain GOLD !!! It help to condition skin while scrubgling, effectivly make skin look radiance & smooth. 30ml which can use quite long..

How long do u scrub ur face?? As for myself i scrub 2-3 days a week. Normal i will scrub after that apply MASK .

Custom Glitter Text Graphics - http://www.glittertextlive.com

Here im goin to try out the item i receive... First i try Max fruit cleanser.. As prev did mention the smell & others...

Okay.... Gold Peeling Scrub on trying.... squee abit out Then rub on my face... a 1-2 rub i can feel the dead skin all come lo.. Did u see the white small dot??? YA, my dead skin !

After apply toner.. is the finally one... 24k gold serum... Did u see those gold BLINKING*** ? Hahazzz I think i pour too much... Nearly half bottle on my palm :( Mostly how u all apply moisturise or serum ?? This is wat i do.. I tap on my 5 point of face..

  • Forehead
  • Left & right cheek
  • Nose
  • Chin

Then i massage my face till penetrated.

Tata ~~~~~ !!! Im done with all .. I feel so great & refreshing on my face... & i think i miss 1 part.. U knw which i miss??? Yes, Ya, Correct , Bingo ,对了 !!! MASK lo ... haha Mostly after scrub u can apply mask for 15-20min then do the other... As prev blog did mention.. Mask is best to do at night.. Here a little beauty tip to share..Correct me if im wrong .. Is my beauty tip anyway. Any comment or feedback can dropby chatbox on ur left ! Thank U :)

Glitter Text - http://www.glittertextlive.com

  • Fried / boil egg @ home?? U must be throwing away the shell right? Here keep it.. i took the left over white-egg ( 蛋白) As mask ^^ After washin ur face jus apply on face tat it.. wait till it dry & wash off.. U will feel more tighten then b4 as well as smooth... I try many year already ^^ is a little tip from my mum!
  • Toothpaste !!! Yes i use toothpaste to wash my face as well. 黑人牙膏, Cannot believe?? but is true..I been using this way since im was 20 year old or wat cant really rmb.. Now im 27 soon. It have a mint feeling & it will feel refreshing ... I will use cold water to rinse it off after i wash it.. No facial foam or cleanser.. Jus toothpaste of the brand DARLIE.
  • Drink @ least 8 bottle / glass of water a day.. WHO will do it ?? No dont but i will drink @ least 3 day. Relax & dun stress up it good for skin as well... Of cos no Make up before bed. Before i slp i will use water to rinse my face & apply lotion or serum to slp.. Use to apply Sleepin mask but way of too sticky I dun like it.. BUT Rmb before slp dun drink too much water.. WHY? Cos will cost eyeBags..
  • BLUSHER?? I dun apply.. WHY ??? it cost more fleckers on face.. I try & it happen to mi.. As when im hot or shy, my cheek will auto red no i do not need blushers ^^. Yes an advise to other lo.. Try less blusher on face. I duno but it happen to have more flecker on mi.

That all on beautee product introducing. I duno hw many ppl have try out but it really works well on mi.. too many product to list down.. Mayb check on the website or with the seller.. But dun come to me.. im the buyer not seller.. & im the user of this product as well..



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